Captured by Karen: Blog en-us (C) Captured by Karen 2009 - 2017 (Captured by Karen) Mon, 29 Jun 2015 23:31:00 GMT Mon, 29 Jun 2015 23:31:00 GMT Captured by Karen: Blog 120 80 Laken & Zach | A Fun Engagement Session I am so excited I get to photograph Laken & Zach's wedding in August!  We had a fun evening of engagement photos to practice.  Before the session, Laken chose to get her makeup done!  All of her makeup is by Arbonne, a botanically based skincare and nutritional company (which I am an independent consultant for!).  She is wearing the entire Re9 set, CC cream in medium, eyeshadows are petal and titanium, blush is blossom, and lips are rose lipstick and hyacinth lip gloss.  

These two have a super fun relationship which shows up in the images!  I am so glad I've met them and get to work with them as they start their lives together!

]]> (Captured by Karen) Captured by Karen arbonne cbk engagement grand junction wedding photographer love makeover Mon, 29 Jun 2015 23:30:50 GMT
Arbonne Mercedes Benz Presentation! I had the honor and privilege to attend, participate, and photograph a Mercedes Benz presentation for a dear friend of mine!  She works for Arbonne and was just recently promoted to Regional Vice President. Well when anyone promotes to this level, Arbonne gives them a white Mercedes!  How cool is that!  The presentation took place at Two Rivers Winery and Chateau and it included author and motivational speaker, Jonathan Manske, as well as Executive National Vice President, Molly Geil and Salena and Karla from Molly's team.  I am proud to be a part of Arbonne and I am working this business alongside my photography business.  Please let me know if I can get you anymore information or if you want to try some of our pure, safe, and beneficial skincare and/or nutritional products! 

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10 Minutes in the Studio Business has been kind of slow lately, so I decided to do a really quick session with my daughter.  We went up to my "studio" (which is our bonus room in our house), wrapped her up in some tulle, placed her by the window and started shooting!  We spent at the most, 10 minutes, then she was back outside jumping on her new trampoline!  I can't decide if I like these in color or in black and white, so I'm sharing both.  What do you like better?


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A Cute Little Backyard Wedding! I had the pleasure of photographing a cute little backyard wedding last weekend!  It took place at the bride's childhood home, which is a dome home!  It was a gorgeous day full of amazing people from across the country, lawn games, dinosaurs, guitars, and lots of love!  Thank you Ariane and Brendan for letting me capture your special story, and thank you to Mr. Chepko for all of your hard work! 

]]> (Captured by Karen) Captured by Karen backyard wedding ballons cbk dinosaurs grand junction photographer grand junction wedding photographer guitar love wedding Sat, 10 May 2014 13:06:21 GMT
Celebrate Mom This Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Special!!!  Celebrate Mom with an Arbonne makeover that's pure, safe, and beneficial, and get a fun glamour photo session!!  Call or email me for details!!!

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Our Sweet German Shepherd, Dyno

I snapped this image of our German Shepherd a few months ago and I finally got around to doing something with it.  This is Dyno, our almost 10 year old gentle giant!

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Spring Works I thought I'd share a little bit of what I've been working on so far this Spring!  This is a mix/match of seniors, preschoolers, and birthday kiddos!  Enjoy this lovely time of year!  :)

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Congratulations Class of 2014!! The end of the school year is upon us and I just wanted to send out a quick congratulations to all the graduating seniors that I had the pleasure of working with this year!  I wish you all the success and happiness in the world!  Enjoy your last few weeks of high school!

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Love in the Orchards I had the pleasure of capturing a beautiful wedding for Carissa and Matthew last October.  The day took place on the gorgeous peach orchards and farmland at Z's Orchards.

Carissa wanted a 1940's feel to her day, and I think she pulled it off beautifully.  Matthew wore his US Air Force Mess Dress for the occassion.

Thank you so much, Carissa and Matthew for choosing Captured by Karen as your photographer!  I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

The beautiful floral arrangements were created by Rosewood Floral.

Carissa's dress is by Maggie Sottero.


]]> (Captured by Karen) 1940 Captured by Karen Maggie Sottero Z's Orchrad grand junction photographer grand junction wedding photographer love peach orchard vintage wedding Thu, 13 Mar 2014 15:11:48 GMT
A Session With Myself So I'd like to take a moment and talk about existing in photos.  The other day, I was listening to one of my most favorite photographers, Sue Bryce, teach a class, and she mentioned how important it is to exist in photos - for your children, for those who love you, and for yourself.  This is something I've been thinking a lot about over the past year.  I don't like getting in front of the camera.  At all!  I don't even like looking in the mirror.  But one of her clients she was talking about had just recently  lost her mother to breast cancer.  She, herself, had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  And she had 5 children.  She didn't have any photos of her mother that she loved and Sue explained how much this woman wished she had a beautiful photo of her mother before she got sick.  This made me think of my own family.  My husband lost his father at the age of 12.  We have 2 decent snap shots of him in our house that we can share with our children. 

Then I started thinking about my daughter and how someday she will be a woman.  I wonder if she will look at herself the same way I look at myself.  Will she want to exist in photos.  Will she be happy and confident enough with the way she looks with all of today's ridiculous standards.  I realized that I can help her by helping myself.  If I exist in photos where I feel good about myself at this age, at this point in my life, then maybe when she's at this same point, she can look at these images of me and she can be brave enough to be in those photos, too.  I would like my future grandchildren to know about me and be able to pass my story along.  I'd prefer to have nice photos passed on rather than ridiculous cell phone pictures.  So, I set up my studio, grabbed my remote, and had a photo session with myself.  Sharing these isn't easy for me, but I feel strongly about the importance of existing in photos.


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6 Months Just wanted to share a quick post of my beautiful little niece who came to visit me last week!  She's almost ready to sit up by herself and knows how to melt your heart with her pretty little eyes!


Happy Little Girl That look!

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Featured on Brides Without Borders Featured on Brides Without BordersFeatured on Brides Without BordersSee the feature here: :)

If you haven't checked out Brides Without Borders, yet, you are missing out!  They provide images, advice and venue info for destination weddings - really a stunning blog!  I ma honored to have one of my weddings featured!  Go check it out!  :)


See the feature here: :)

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Mr. & Mrs. Cooper! | Sunlight Mountain Resort Wedding | Captured by Karen Katy and Adam were married this last September at the beautiful Sunlight Mountain Ski Resort in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  These two enjoy the classic Colorado mountain life that this area has to offer, so getting married there was absolutely perfect!  And gorgeous!  Thank you, Katy & Adam for allowing me to capture your amazing day!

Venue ~ Sunlight Mountain Resort  (I highly recommend this beautiful location!  And the coordinators are great to work with!)

Musicians (they were awesome!) ~ Hell Roaring String Band

Makeup and Hair Artist ~ Sharon at Narcissus Salon

Dress ~ Saja

]]> (Captured by Karen) Captured by Karen Hell Roaring String Band Narcissus Salon Sunlight Mountain Resort colorado wedding photographer glenwood springs photographer grand junction photographer grand junction wedding photographer love saja wedding Mon, 27 Jan 2014 19:28:03 GMT
Jennifer & Matt | Married!! Jennifer and Matt were married this summer in July in Grand Junction.  They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony and a very fun reception.  It was such a pleasure being a witness and capturing this special day for them!



Venue ~ Two Rivers Winery and Chateau

Dress ~ Annalise Bridal Boutique

DJ ~ Stewart Cruicshank, Windy City Entertainment

(You can click on the slideshow to view the images individually and pin to your Pinterest boards or share on Facebook!)

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My Family!


I was able to get my boys (husband included) dressed up for a few minutes to let me take some photos of them.  My daughter is always ready to dress up.  Me, too!  I am so thankful for my assistant, Liz, for snapping this shot of us!  We even got the dogs, Dyno & Beulah, to pose!  Some things are meant to be! :)


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My Little Girl!


My daughter and I were looking through some photos from our summer, trying to find one that she wanted to send with a care package for a child she's sponsoring for Operation Christmas Child.  I came upon these and had to share.  I just love these of her!

Thanks for looking! :)


]]> (Captured by Karen) black and white captured by Karen child daughter fun grand junction photographer portrait Sat, 16 Nov 2013 22:32:31 GMT
Love in Telluride! I had an amazing opportunity to photograph a wedding at Alta Lakes in Telluride, Colorado this summer!  It was the absolute most perfect day - the weather cooperated and there was love to be shared by all!  I am so grateful and honored to have been the photographer for April and Allyson on there most special day!


Venue ~ Alta Lakes Observatory


telluride colorado wedding telluride colorado wedding "captured by karen" telluride colorado wedding "captured by karen" "getting ready" telluride colorado wedding "captured by karen" "getting ready" telluride colorado wedding "captured by Karen" telluride colorado wedding "captured by Karen" telluride colorado wedding "captured by Karen" telluride colorado wedding "captured by Karen"

]]> (Captured by Karen) LGBT alta lakes observatory captured by Karen colorado equality love love is love mountains telluride telluride photographer wedding Wed, 04 Sep 2013 17:27:14 GMT
Surprise! It's a Wedding! | Impromptu 4th of July Wedding The other night I was at home enjoying the evening with my family when I got these urgent messages on my phone and my facebook.  My client, Amy, needed to get a hold of me ASAP.  I was worried and immediately called her back.  She explained that she had a big favor to ask - she and her amazing boyfriend, Jeff, had decided to (finally!) get married!  They wanted to do it on July 4th and the courts would be closed - they wanted a very short & sweet, nobody-knows type of wedding and they asked if they could have it at my house and if I could photograph it.  Giddy with excitement, of course I said YES!  I've known Amy since 9th grade - I've been photographing her and her 2 awesome boys for quite a few years now.  I was so happy to hear this news and to be a part of it!

Thank you so much, Amy & Jeff, for letting me be a part of your amazing day!  I think it was absolutely perfect!  Congratulations to you and your amazing families! :)

"4th of July wedding" "grand junction wedding photographer" "captured by karen" "4th of July wedding" "grand junction wedding photographer" "captured by karen" "4th of July wedding" "grand junction wedding photographer" "captured by karen" "4th of July wedding" "grand junction wedding photographer" "captured by karen" "4th of July wedding" "grand junction wedding photographer" "captured by karen" "4th of July wedding" "grand junction wedding photographer" "captured by karen" "4th of July wedding" "grand junction wedding photographer" "captured by karen" "4th of July wedding" "grand junction wedding photographer" "captured by karen" "4th of July wedding" "grand junction wedding photographer" "captured by karen"

]]> (Captured by Karen) 4th of July wedding Captured by Karen grand junction wedding photographer love surprise wedding Sat, 06 Jul 2013 14:19:23 GMT
A Lovely Vintage Wedding in the Vineyards! Vintage Wedding | Palisade, CO


I had the pleasure of capturing a beautiful vintage-styled wedding a couple of weeks ago for the lovely bride, Rachel and her groom, Ben.  This wedding had so much detail from dress to the vintage candles.  We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day!  A special thanks to Jen Swedhin for being my lovely assistant!



Venue ~ Amy's Courtyard, Palisade, CO

Dress ~ Claire Pettibone

Makeup Artist ~ Hope Carlton, Perfect Touch Makeup

Band ~ Straygrass bluegrass band

Caterer ~ Berna B's

Hair Artsit ~ Eddie Waldrick, Harrah's Salon

Florist ~ Country Elegance

Wedding Cooridnator ~ Tonja Kueper-Rinaldo, I Design Weddings and Events

Decor ~ Robin Brown, Robin Brown Events


]]> (Captured by Karen) Captured by Karen amy's courtyard berna b's claire pettibone country elegance eddie waldrick grand junction photographer harrah's salon hope carlton i design weddings and events mount garfield orchards palisade perfect touch makeup robin brown events straygrass vintage wedding Sun, 09 Jun 2013 14:54:32 GMT
High School Seniors! Let's Get Ready, Class of 2014!

The school year is almost over and it's time to start thinking about senior photos!  Yearbook deadlines come up quickly and my sessions fill up fast, so be sure to get yours scheduled soon!

senior 2014 "high school" "grand junction senior photographer"

senior 2014 "high school" "grand junction senior photographer"DSC00229

senior 2014 "high school" "grand junction senior photographer"DSC02682


]]> (Captured by Karen) 2014 Captured by Karen grand junction photograper high school senior senior photographer senior session seniors Mon, 13 May 2013 13:19:37 GMT